Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy October!

The fall is one of my favorite months of the year. Apple cider, apple picking, carving pumpkins and the start of fires in the fireplace at home. I love the colors of the trees, and finally having it be boot and sweater season! What is your favorite part of fall? (leave in comments section of blog)

I went home from school a few weeks ago and went up into the attic with my brother to break out the halloween decorations. We set up webs, pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls, witches and wizards and much more. For a dorm room, it is much harder. My favorite craft for a dorm room or for a home is pumpkin carving. I love going to pick out the "perfect," pumpkin at a local farm and being able to carve it into whatever I want. Animals, cartoon characters, logos, quotes and much more. I am not the most artistic person so I typically buy at kit to so that I can use an image and essentially trace it onto the pumpkin. 
Here are the two pumpkins my boyfriend and I made, they turned out great and it was a fun cheap activity! 

If you live somewhere where the use of candles is not allowed, you can use a battery operated candle to  light up your pumpkin! Also, if you have younger kids who can't use the tools, you can also paint them. Pumpkins are a great activity and craft idea and if you do carve one, cook roast the seeds inside-they make for the perfect snack!

If you don't like dealing with the mess of pumpkins, you can buy fake pumpkins that are carve-able at a craft store. Each pumpkin should cost around $10 or less and you can use them for years and years to come!

Check back soon for some more Halloween craft ideas!