Monday, December 3, 2012

Wine Corkboards

         College students always need a great way to organize their work. Whether it is through a magnetic board, storage in their desk drawers, or a white board, things need to be organized. My personal favorite is using cork boards to hang pictures of friends and other things such as jewelry, ticket stubs from events etc. 
         A great cork board that looks stylish and you can DIY is a cork board made out of wine corks. Since you are making it yourself, you can do any design you please.

What you need is:
- A large amount of wine corks (you can either collect them from you and your friends or if you go to a restaurant most likely they will be willing to save some for you for a week or two and that will be plenty)
- Glue gun

How to:
        Lay your corks out on a flat surface and put them into the shape or design you want your cork board to be. Once done, glue each cork together one by one until you have finished. Hang up with a piece of ribbon or with a wall adhesive such as 3M strips.

These are simple, inexpensive and let you show off a little bit of your personality with the many different shapes.  

Check out some of these shapes below:

What did you do for your shape? Would love to see your creative ideas!